5 examples of things that could be connected

Connecting requires action. It requires that someone makes an effort to put at least two things together so that a link is formed. Here’s a few examples.

  • connect people who need a service with those that have a service to offer
  • give resources to those that need resources
  • show people how to do something that need to know how to do it the correct way
  • give ¬†ideas to people that need ideas (and might actually take action)
  • share thoughts about specific topics with people that want to hear new information on those topics

When we think about connecting with people, we assume it means building a relationship. We assume it means continuing that relationship over time so that we build trust with them. That is only part of connecting.

Connection requires putting together two things that were not before. What can you do in your sphere of influence or community that could fuse a connection?

It could lead to relationships. It could lead to business. It could lead to a job. It could lead to a lot of things, yes. But it will, without a doubt, lead to hope.

1 thought on “5 examples of things that could be connected”

  1. Good post, Jared. If someone can identify their niche and/or target market, you have given them 5 great ways to go about helping people. This one’s going in my Evernote file!

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