What the entrepreneur is really after

Trying new things is hard and it gets old after awhile. Especially if you’r dragging someone along for the ride, like your spouse.

But how will we ever find what really works without trying so many things that don’t? Going straight to the solution is not likely to happen for most of us. It requires trial and error. Failures and bumps.

The life of the entrepreneur is no easy road. It’s not meant for the faint of heart or those that give up easily. It’s not meant for those with little faith or those without big dreams. That’s what corporate America is for.

Push forward. Never let failure define you. And know that some point, even if you don’t achieve success in the eyes of the world, you will have spent a lifetime full of hope. That’s really all the entrepreneur is after.

6 thoughts on “What the entrepreneur is really after”

  1. Ummm…. this is really scary because I think you must have written this specifically for me. It describes me to a tee. Good post!

  2. Felipe Vendramin Uliana

    Hello Jared!
    I’m really liking this new phase of your blog posts, and I’m enjoyng much more of your content than before. Keep going, you’re doing a great work!

  3. I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately … ie. what *is* it that motivates people to “blaze a trail” rather than do something that already works and is established? It can’t simply be the drive to “be your own boss” because it’s simpler in that case to franchise an existing business and run it really well. My thoughts are that the difference is in those people that want to build their own systems, versus the people that want to use an existing system. It’s riskier but far more interesting to attempt to build your own system. The same desire is expressed by people in different ways (some people are perfectly happy to work a job but express their “systems thinking” by tinkering with mechanical items or tinkering in their garden). It’s a desire that exists in everyone in some way, but not everyone wants to risk their financial security while they play around with it 🙂

    1. Interesting thoughts Iain. And I think you’re right. We all have what we hope for with our dreams. And it does become a choice as to whether we’re willing to risk and achieve more, hopefully, or lessen the risk and “play it safe.”

      The problem I think with playing it safe is that safe is now the new risky. Old processes or systems that used to work and are tried and true are failing everyday. Old business models that were surefire 10 years ago are obsolete now.

      So, I think, those of us that are “blazing the trail” are really seeing that there’s a change coming (or has already come) and we don’t want to go down that path. We see the world in the flipped view from what others do.

      And there will always be plenty of those people willing to do the grunt work because it’s the easy path to take with the least amount of resistance and (what seems like) the least chance of failure.

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