What does it matter?

All the great minds in marketing today speak of mattering. Build something that matters to the right people. Create something to where you will be missed when you’re gone. Serve in the places where you’ll matter the most.

All true if you’re looking at it from a worldly perspective.

This, which I am very guilty of, can drain a person of their want to create anything at all. We won’t create because we’re afraid it won’t matter anyway. We won’t build because we can’t find the people that want what we want to build. And so on.

So what does it matter what we do? Why should we be so worried about mattering to the right people or any people at all?

I have found that the world tells us to matter or we won’t succeed. That you’ll only be a success, if you matter to people. That may be very true, but what if you don’t care about whether you matter to people and only look higher so you can matter there?

Scripture tells me that is the exact place I need to care about mattering.

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