We stopped listening a long time ago…

You can keep babbling on and on about your product and use big words to make us think you’re smart. But it won’t work. We tuned out a long time ago. And I mean this literally in a conversation or through advertising, social media, etc.

As I sit here listening to the sales pitch of the guy next to me (talking to someone else) he hasn’t gotten the connection he needed to push his product. The prospect was done when he sat down and the sales guy hasn’t shut up long enough to recognize it. Business doesn’t work this way anymore.

We only want to hear about products that interest us immediately. That’s because we have an unlimited selection at our disposal and unless yours is remarkable, with an incredible story that connects with us, we don’t want to hear it. And we won’t. We’ll tune it out because we’re that good.

Business these days is about generating an incredible, authentic story around a remarkable product and connecting it with the right audience.

Are you doing that?

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