This thing you’re doing, it’s real life.

You know, this thing we’re doing right now, it’s real life. It sounds simple but I would venture to say that you’ve forgotten as did I.


In life sometimes we get caught up trying to make awesome stuff happen for us. Or for others. But either way, we get caught up. And I want you to take a step back for a moment and decide if maybe you’re in that place where you got caught up a bit.

Maybe you’ve forgotten that this is real life. That the things you do on a regular basis can never be taken back, never “redone”, never 100% forgotten.

Don’t get scared and do nothing, but be aware that every minute is only lived once. Make sense?


I recently when on vacation and was able to meet a cool guy by the name of Dan Black. We’ve been online buddies for a year or so but getting to meet and hang out in person is totally different. I also got to meet his father in law, Ernie Wenk, who I’ve had conversation with over the past several months as well.

During the several hours we were able to hang out, I had a sort of epiphany about what it really meant to meet someone that, before now, only had an online persona to me.

It made me realize that I can never unmeet (not sure that’s a word but I just made it) Dan and Ernie. (I don’t want to by the way cuz they were awesome :D)  But that is a memory that will always be there and I know will add to my personal and professional life in the future. It already is via this email.


This is real life. That’s the realization I came to during that time and have been thinking about it ever since. Of course, I knew that…but it’s been shed in a different light now for some reason. One that I really can’t explain too well.

All I know that is that it helped me to realize that the things we do feed into who we are as a person. The people we meet shape us constantly and the activities we participate in tell others what is important to us.

Heck, you might even say that all this feeds into who we are as a brand. (Bet you thought you were gonna get away today without hearing that word :D)

So here’s to living real life.

Here’s to the people that will shape us. The events that will affect us. And, most importantly, the fact that this life we’re living, is real.

7 thoughts on “This thing you’re doing, it’s real life.”

  1. Jared, how wonderful that you got to meet Dan in person. You’re right that this is real life whether by that you mean our online pursuits or what we’re doing right now. An older friend told me that so often she had said, “As soon as the kids are at this stage, then I’ll…” She realized that THIS was her life and she had been wishing it away. Thought-provoking post. Thanks.

  2. Jared – connecting with online buddies in real life rocks! I’ve only gone so far as having Skype conversations since my online friends are on a different continent, but I do plan to meet them one day.

    Getting caught up in everyday things is so easy to do. Sometimes taking a step back is scary, man! Especially if it means you realise, like I did recently, that perhaps it’s time to take another path.

    Thank you for the reminder.

    – Razwana

  3. I am waiting until business travel takes me to San Diego to visit Dan. He connected me with a lot of great people (I think I probably found your site through him). He is a born connector.

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