The worldview of your market (change yours, not theirs)

Markets are different everywhere you go. In every town. In every state. They vary and it doesn’t necessarily depend on your experience or technique as to whether you’ll appeal the market or not.

What will not vary is the consistency in which you serve your market. You will have to figure out what works, and what doesn’t, then do more of the former. It will take time and trial to get there.

If the market you’re trying to serve isn’t responding, it may not always be because you’re doing something wrong though. It could be, just maybe, that they aren’t responding in the same way you want or think they should. That means you have to adjust your worldview of your market so that you have a better grasp on what it will take to reach them effectively.

Badgering will not work. Not today. What you need in any market, is permission.

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