The way things have always been (and a little about trends)

Many things in life are a certain way because they have “always been that way.” I find myself questioning many of them though because, well, no they weren’t.

Homes were not always built the way they are now.

Food was not always ripened in factories with gas.

Brands didn’t always pay inordinate amounts of money to get in front of you.

We didn’t always have phones.

From my point of view of being a marketer, the business world has taken a huge hit in terms of change. And it’s sad to see that so many businesses that are running and/or starting up don’t see it.

You can’t start a business the way you used to. Agencies don’t work like they used to. Sales don’t work like they used to. Mediocre products with a catchy slogan are dead in the water. More and more I am finding that it’s rare to see anyone taking a new path and creating a trend rather than following one.

The really interesting thing is that everyone knows trends only last so long, so why would you want to build your career around one?

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