The look of the industrialist

My industry is a disaster. There are no standards as to what constitutes actual talent and the barrier to entry is incredibly low. The main problem is that few really know anything about the truth of marketing and yet, we are creating something that is potentially the only touchpoint a consumer will have with a brand.

Marketing is about telling a story and asking people to take part in it. That is what the connection economy is all about. The deeper we can go, the better off we’ll be. There are no barriers anymore, or at least, we should find the ones that exist and play on the edges of them. That’s where all the interesting stuff happens.

It seems that doing things the “right” way is not necessarily how this world works anymore. As a matter of fact, when we break things, that’s when interesting stuff happens. We have the ability to recreate an industry. To redo what used to work because it doesn’t anymore. And it doesn’t work anymore because the world has changed, not because the process broke down.

We need to understand this as a whole so we can make the shift from looking and acting like industrialists. We are artists. We are creatives. We are the future, which is really the now.

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