The humanity of a true connection

The humanity of a smile can go a long ways. The true interest in a person and what they are doing in their life is worth far more than we can fathom. The brands that understand this are the ones that are prospering.

When we are truly cared about, we truly care about the success of the brand that is showing the love. We talk about them to our friends. We share about them online. We defend them if someone speaks against them. It’s more than just a business transaction, it’s a relationship that has formed. A connection that has been fused, unlikely to be broken.

In my book, The Connection Brand, I write about the super powers of connection and how they are prominent in the brands we know and love today. But more than ever I am finding that the relationship power is a key indicator that a brand will survive in the coming years. The brand that shows true interest in our lives will gain us for life. The brand that shows they care for our well being in an honest way will prosper uncontrollably.

These are the brands we want to serve by purchasing their products. We want them to succeed. We want the humanity that is built into their core.

Forget the processes and methodologies. Be human. That’s the way of today.

2 thoughts on “The humanity of a true connection”

  1. Be human. Love this. I’ve been thinking about how to do this more with my clients lately. Delivering an awesome service is one thing – treating them like they’re friends is quite another. So I decided to ask my clients for their home address, and the ones that send me it get a hand-written card in the post.

    I hope they enjoy receiving them as much as I enjoy sending them !

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