The Abolishment of Entitlement and The Pursuit of Action

We are living in a different society and culture today. That includes education, business, religion, personal habits, everything. It’s interesting to see the generation gap between the 20 somethings and the 50 somethings. What I mean is simply this.

Things have changed. Realize that.

First off, you may notice this is a bit different type of post than I usually have. For a few reasons.

  1. Jeff Goins made me do it. He told me to say something dangerous
  2. He also told me to make sure I’m saying something that makes me come alive.
  3. Which is the reason for semi-changing my blog topic to: Passion.
  4. And lastly, I’m still finding my writing voice, so bear with me. I think I’ve found it. 

A Sense Some Entitlement

There’s this sense of entitlement that people have. And what’s weird is that it’s not confined to just the younger generation as some may think. It’s all over the place. I’ve broken the world into three groups, they are:

  • The About to Retire/Retired– Many had the “luxury” of working somewhere for 30 years or so and retiring with pensions and full benefits for the remainder of their lives. No messing with the stock market if they didn’t want to. No real worry of getting a job or benefits pulled out from under them.Yes, they worked like dogs and I appreciate that. Don’t get me wrong there. I would never discredit where credit is due. But let’s face it. Times are different now. That world no longer exists.
  • The Currently Working – Many are now on a path to a more fulfilling career simply because they are sick of dealing with the politics of the typical 1960’s workplace. There’s much to be said for this and it’s a hot topic right now. Finding your passions and pursuing your dreams. That’s what it’s all about these days.
  • The Upcoming/School Age – Many are dreamers, which is surprising given the lack of creativity in the education system today. Many believe they can do whatever they want in life and get paid for it. They don’t expect to work somewhere for the next 30 years and retire. They understand the need for higher education but at the same time feel like the world owes them a place.

So what’s the common denominator here?

All have a sense of entitlement. Entitlement to be able to retire with benefits and full pay. Entitlement to be able to work wherever you want doing whatever is your passion. Entitlement that the world owes the individual something just for sucking wind.

This is all wrong.

Where do we go from here?

The answer is unknown. Yes, I’m in the middle group. I believe we can and should be able to do whatever type of career is most fulfilling to us. I believe God put us each on this planet to do something awesome. I believe that each person has incredible ability to teach, learn, speak, grow, build, unite, combine, lead, follow and many more. Mostly because I believe in an awesome God that has incredible plans and we’re each just a tiny part of one outstanding tapestry.

I believe in myself.

…in my wife.

…in my son.

…in you.

A Call to Action

I never, nor will I ever, advocate something that I don’t whole heartedly believe in. I never recommend products I don’t use. And this is not different.

I’m advocating the abolishment of entitlement and the pursuit of action.
You Might Want To Tweet That

I realize there’s any number of other people in the world from Jon Acuff to Chris Brogan who will help you get on a track to improving your life. To getting more our of your life. To doing the work you were put here to do.

But, like I said, I’m just a tiny piece of the puzzle in this world and I’m doing my part. I’m sharing my passion with you. I’m sharing my goals, my dreams, my wants and needs.

I ask you to do the same.

Start now. Write your goals. Work on your life plan. Pray. Go, now.

My Current Goals Are

  • Increase income by end of 2012 so my wife doesn’t have to work
  • Setup 6 guest posts on other blogs for the month of August
  • Read at least 1 verse of scripture everyday
  • Get at least 500 people to download my eBook and subscribe my post updates or newsletter by end of 2012 (hint hint wink)

Share with us your goals and lets encourage each other to fulfill them. Don’t gawk or put anyone down for having huge dreams…encourage and share tips to help each other. Scroll down to comment.