Revisiting Perspective

have a different perspective on life - debt free living

I’m a big advocate of paying attention to the perspective on a situation. I think there are multiple ways someone can look at a situation that can lead to multiple solutions.

That might be why I question things more than I used to. That, and my wife is very good at questioning things and finding her own research.

I’ve learned from her quite a bit.

So it stands to reason that I’ve had quite the change in perspective lately when it comes to my business. I used to think I would always be working for someone. Then I realized I never wanted to and only wanted to work for myself. Over time, I have realized that I am actually always working for someone, for a greater good. I work for my God, my family, my legacy for my children and so on.


It’s what keeps us in check and it’s what helps us push the boundaries of this world we live in. I encourage you change yours on something you have been wrestling with lately. You know you have something you are searching for answers on so dig in, research and find a new way of solving an old problem.

You’ll be glad you did.

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