It could mean quality. It could mean service. It could mean a lot of things, but it should always mean great.

The thing with our culture today is that anyone can market as premium. It’s a completely different thing to be able to show it and stand by it. With as many individuals as we have today creating things, premium can be a rare case. But we also have to be careful to not equate premium with being polished. Those are two very different things.

Polishing is what a factory does. It makes the widget better, shinier, faster. But those things aren’t always what the customer is looking for. Sometimes the handmade items are in the highest demand with the highest price tag because they are the highest quality around. They are premium. (Experience also lends itself to creating something premium.)

Premium is important. The thing to remember about it is that as we grow, others will catch on and make the same level of premium. It’s during those times that we have to choose what we will do differently to allow us to continue to stand out. Will we cut corners to join their race? Or will we continue to produce great?

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