You don’t have to be outgoing with flags and red, white and blue banners to be patriotic. That’s marketing.

What you do have to understand is the land in which we live in (if you do in fact live in the US) is the greatest country the world has ever known. That’s not an opinion either, it’s a hard fact. The evidence shows it. (As does Dinesh D’souza in his new movie, America.)

And so on this day, I find it proper to recognize how incredibly thankful I am that I can even write this blog on my own free will. That I can talk about challenging the public school system or the government policies I don’t agree with. The simple fact that I can voice my opinion without (much) hate, is incredible.

Recognize that we have a choice to make right now. A choice to stand up and make something that matters versus following the status quo. A choice that will not only impact our lives, but our children and the world as a whole. Whatever you’re created to do, I hope you’re doing it. You’re a hero. Thank you.

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