Move It

What is it about diligence and motivation that are so hard for some people to grasp? Perseverance goes right with these as well.

Is it lack of time throughout our lives? Is it marketing? Is it just our selfish desires that things should be easy and quick?

Perhaps it’s a combination of the three.

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4 Reasons Non-Profits Need a Website

We all know that many non-profit organizations typically fail miserably when it comes to having an internet presence. And quite honestly, this is very very sad because most of them provide excellent services to the community they are in and deserve much better. Let me list some reasons a non-profit needs to front the money to have a decent web site and a way to utilize social media to it’s fullest.

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Why Your Business Needs a Website

I am constantly running into people that “need a website.” The problem is that many of them don’t realize that building a website is extremely complex and not just something that your twice removed third cousin can do…unless he’s a web designer of course.

My point is that in this day and age, every company needs a website. Everyone needs a web presence that will entice the person that comes across it to look more into what you offer and hopefully use you as the company of choice. So outlined below are some examples as to why your company needs a website now.

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