One Small Step to Customer Service Excellence

I recently read the book, Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard (author of Who Moved My Cheese), and it really struck me between the eyes just how crappy customer service actually is. I mean, I’ve always known that when my food is cold or someone is rude in the mall that’s it’s annoying…but I never actually thought about how crappy it is pretty much all around. AND for that matter, how complacent we are to accept it. Our expectations are so low that it doesn’t take much to stand out. Thus the point of this quick post.

No Problem

I’ve traditionally used the term “np” or “no problem” when a client or friend or whoever asks me to do something and tell me thanks or something to that nature. Now, I realize that “you’re welcome” is appropriate as well but I’m going to be moving to another phrase that I feel is more…well…meaningful. Or truthful. Or something along those lines. Will I say it all the time? Who knows. Will it be a slow process…absolutely.

My Pleasure

Yepp, that’s it. Now, doesn’t that sound like not only is it not an inconvenience for me, it’s now actually pleasureful for me to serve you in this way. Jesus was servant…I wonder if he said “my pleasure.” Something to think about.

So for me, this will be one tiny step to creating better customer service and Raving Fans of my company. I suggest you attempt to do 1% better tomorrow than today…by the end of the year you’ll be over 300% better than you are now.

Do you have any suggestions that would be super easy to implement? Share them with all of us in the comment section below. 

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