On fitting in with the crowd


My tendency is to want to fit in. To want to blend in with everyone and be “normal.” But I have to fight that.

Today I’m going to a local event for a new business center that will have a ton of businesses, most of which appear to be corporate and will probably be wearing suits and ties to look all professional. Which is perfectly fine…for them.

But more and more I find that I don’t fit the traditional mold of anything. I have a disdain for the public school system, the corporate structure of our economy, big government, etc. So what I have elected to do is try to stand out.

When I went into my closet this morning, my thought was not, “How will I look professional?” But rather, it was “How will I stand out?” This, I think, is the ultimate question for anyone in business today. Heck, anyone doing anything that matters today. It’s no longer about fitting a mold or fitting in. It’s about being weird. Purple in a world of brown. (Yes I took that from Seth Godin.)

I’ll let you know how it goes. My hope is that I’m the only one wearing something bold. If they think I’m weird, good. If they think I’m not professional, great. My best case scenario would be that I’m the only one not wearing a black or blue blazer.

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