Master your goals with this simple task-priority system

Master your goals with this

Managing your tasks is incredibly important when you are working toward your goals. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your time on the wrong stuff and miss out on doing the important work.

Honestly, I don’t normally talk a lot about productivity, but let’s be real, we could all stand to be better focused. So I thought I would share with you more in depth how I manage my tasks simply and across all devices. I hope this helps you achieve your goals sooner rather than later.

The Eisenhower Method

Experience has shown me that humans are terrible at keeping priorities straight. I know this not only from personal experience but also from those I have worked with. We know what we want to achieve most of the time, but don’t make a plan and we certainly don’t stick to it. I’m seriously guilty of this so don’t for a second think I have all the answers.

That being said, I came across the Eisenhower Method several years ago and I never took it to heart. But recently, I put a plan into action and it’s making a huge difference in how much I am accomplishing. Of course, there are still not enough hours in a day, but this method has helped me a ton.

The concept is that you can seriously cut down on doing the wrong type of task and getting caught up doing the urgent but not really important things.

So I decided to setup a Trello board that utilizes the method. The results have been awesome!

How I set it up

Trello is a free service that allows you to manage your tasks by creating boards, lists and cards. I actually setup a demo board for you to go play with if you want to check it out more. This is exactly how I manage my tasks and it’s helped me immensely.

The reason I share this is simple. I’ve been on a path for a long time to be a lifelong learner and you seem to be on that path too. So I like to keep it real with you when I say that I struggle with focus and keeping my priorities straight. I’m sure you do too because you’re human as far as I know.

In any case, if you are going to grow, you have to stay on track. This is one way I have found I can do this. I have boards for all kinds of things like books to read, videos to create, blogs to write, etc. This is just my master board example so you can see where I manage it all.

Make your goals happen

Now that you have a great resource to keep your priorities straight, you have less excuses to not be reaching your goals. That means you need to rethink what you want your life to look like and reset your priorities. In case you missed it, here are some other resources to help you on your way.

Make sure you don’t forget the personal stuff with your family and be sure to define your why. At the end of the day, this life is about more than just these tasks and the here and now.

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