Let’s Change the World Manifesto


The day has come.

The day we’ve all been waiting for. Okay, maybe just me…but it’s still here.

If you’ve been involved with me at all, you understand my passion for changing the world. I’m not into taking it over like Pinky and the Brain, but changing it, that intrigues me.

SO. Are you ready?

My newest eBook is out in the form of a manifesto. And I want you to have it, for FREE. Well, in exchange for your email, but no monetary cost to you.

You can read all about it and pick it up here.

Here’s what it contains, in short.

We all want to impact the world. We want to change it. And we can.

I believe in a world where loving your job is not the exception, but rather, the norm. Where we all work in our strengths for the good of others around us.

I believe in using our abilities to glorify God and the plan he’s laid out before us. That’s what this book is all about.

And it’s short, like really short. But powerful, very powerful. Here’s what some people besides myself have to say about it.

“After reading this manifesto by Jared I’m ready for more, so much more. I want to scream from the rooftops “I’m ready to take action”!”

– Kimanzi Constable, Author, Speaker, Consultant

Dreamers are what break up mediocrity. They are the ones that push mankind to new heights. Jared’s manifesto is sure to give rise to new dreamers and dreams. No longer can we be satisfied with reality.

– Michael Holmes // Author, I Shall Raise Thee Up

“Everyone loves a symphony but few believe life can be that sweet. Jared Latigo has a burden to help people help themselves. He’s getting ready to embark upon something big, something useful, something important. If you want to know where the journey begins to find true happiness in work and life, then look no further. Jared will show you the way.”

– Charles Specht, Growth & Leadership Expert

So pick up your copy today. Share it with others. Be sure to tweet about it and help us form a movement of people who decide to take action on their dreams!

Also, check out an interview done by my friend Kent Sanders. I talk about the beginnings of my eBook, how it came about and what I hope everyone gets out of it! Read it here!

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