When You Don’t Know Which Way to Turn, Look Down.

We all come to trials in life whether it be in work, personal life or some other area. The trick is to remember where the best place to be is. It’s difficult to understand why we need to be there, but time and time again I’ve found it’s the safest place.

So what place am I talking about? I’ll tell you shortly.

Let’s examine something for a moment though.

Maybe you’re a creative who’s lost creativity. Maybe you’re a student who’s lost the desire to learn. Maybe you’re a parent who’s lost your mind. These are possibilities, among others of course.

But maybe you’re any of those and you haven’t lost creativity or desire or your mind. Maybe you’ve lost the one thing that matters the most.

Maybe you’ve lost faith.

Look down…at the feet of Jesus. It’s the only place to be. – Click to Tweet



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