Job creation

If job creation is such a hot topic these days, let’s create some. Not in the sense of starting a company that makes and sells more widgets, but a completely new job that few or no one else has.

Today’s assignment, create a job for yourself.

Here’s mine.

Title: Webmarketing Consultant

Description: I would be a 3rd party consultant works with various companies to help them navigate the waters of marketing and the web. This would include web design projects, social media marketing, general marketing ideas and campaigns and anything related to communications from the company.

I would not do any of the work myself (such as web design, social media marketing, etc) but would advise them who would be good to work with and who would not. No incentive money would be exchanged for recommending a particular company or individual.

Since I would not get paid off the money spent on marketing, my interests would align with the client. A monthly fee would be negotiated based on how often consultations would be needed.

As a matter of fact, if you know someone that needs this, recommend me. Thanks.

What’s yours? (Blog about it and link to this.)

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