It’s really about perspective

The past few months have been very interesting for me and my family. We are making some much needed changes and the one thing that keeps coming up is perspective.

The first thing I’ve learned about it is that almost everyone has a different one. It depends on how you look at a situation as to whether you will understand it like the person that is going through it. It depends on your situation, what you’ve been through in the past and countless other variables.

We are embarking on a major downsizing and lifestyle change. Our main goal with it is to be debt free. Since the mortgage is the last thing, our new, smaller house, will be paid for in cash. Our secondary goal is to live more simple. We feel we have a large storage building we pay a lot for every month and there’s a lot of space that’s nice to have but not really necessary to life.

The funny thing is, when we tell people we are going from 1825 square feet down to 1000, we get some crazy looks. People can’t understand why in the world we would downsize when we have a perfectly good house. They also don’t get why we care to be debt free so much or why I don’t just get a regular job.

Perspective. We see things differently because we want to. We see our future unfolding in a certain way that may or may not be close what happens. Regardless of whether or not you agree with someone’s perspective on a situation, at least have the respect to understand that they aren’t asking you to do the same thing.

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