How to grow your business with one leap

You’re not going back in time. You’re not getting younger. Your business, your church, your non-profit…they’re not getting any younger either. It’s time to realize that changes need to happen across the board of your life if you’re going to grow your business.

Take a leap.

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Grow Your Business

No one can keep up with technology…technology doesn’t even keep up with itself for the most part. So my question to you is this. What are you cheating yourself out of by not taking action today? What are you missing because you’re stubborn or stuck in your ways? What would happen if you found your passion again and took a leap in the right direction?

Some Possibilities

  • You’d change
  • Your business would grow
  • You’d feel a lot less stressed when things worked out
  • Your customers would like you more
  • Your customers would hate you more
  • You will lose some customers
  • New customers will come, better ones
  • You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone
  • You’ll need to form a relationship with professionals in things pertaining to the web
  • Yes this is about the internet
  • You’d make more money
  • You might lose some money but the previous item would apply
  • You’ll have to make some serious changes
  • You’ll have to be honest with yourself
  • Others will need to be honest with you
  • It will be scary
  • It will be exciting
  • You will learn…a lot.
  • Employees or partners may be resistant to the change
  • You’ll have to explain the changes and if they can’t get on board…
  • You’ll have to make personnel changes (maybe)
  • You’ll have to have a spine, courage, and determination.

These are possibilies…but they aren’t the only ones. Some of them may apply to you, others may not. But regardless, if you’re going to grow your business in today’s crowded marketplace, you’re going to have to learn. There are no exceptions to this rule. Either you will learn how to use and leverage technology to grow your business, or you will die.

Okay, not die…but fail. And no one likes to fail. Or die.

So What Are Your Next Steps?

In no particular order, I would suggest these things for moving forward with your new found, gotta do it, attitude.

  • Buy Platform. (affiliate link)
  • Read. Read so much you think there’s nothing left to learn. But there will be.
  • Pray for direction.
  • Write down your vision and your goals.
  • Make connections with professionals in the areas you lack expertise.
  • Trust them. Listen to them. Then double check them with all your reading research.
  • Get passionate about what you’re doing. If you don’t have a passion for what you are doing, no one else will either.
  • Take action today. Do something towards your goals, even if it’s super small.

And as we read and learn and talk to people about what’s next, we will find where we’re supposed to go. I know from experience that ideas will come as you grow. And as you grow, you will figure out your next steps that will help you grown your business. Take a leap in the right direction even if your leap is just a step.

One of the most important things to remember is this.

We all fail. We rarely do anything right the first time. The trick is to not let failure define who we are. Learn from it. Get up. Move on. Failing is essential to growth. Failure is not an option.

What are some things you could do to help grow your business? Where do you need help with your business? Let’s discuss below and help point each other to professional resources.

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