How to gain incredible peace in your work and life

When it comes to moving forward, we sometimes find ourselves wondering why we hadn’t done this years ago. But there is a time and season for everything and this just happens to be the season for whatever you are going through. It may be rough, but it may be right. Whatever the case, prayerful direction is where I have found the most peace.

In the Works

About 10 months ago, our church got a new pastor. He came in with guns blazing, ready to change things in Christ’s name. I am incredibly thankful for his leadership in our church and in my personal life, for during this time, I have not only gained a new pastor, but a friend and mentor.

Since I have always been the one involved with designing the website, I fell into the position to develop a new one and to be trusted with a few other technology things we are doing.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of presenting the final piece of information to get online giving setup. I am thankful for all the hard work our accountant has put in doing research and getting the numbers lined out as well as our pastor for pushing for this change. And yesterday, our finance committee approved the motion and we’ll finally move forward with that.

I also had the privilege of presenting a kickoff meeting for our new digital team. This is something I have worked on with the pastor for a good 3 months and something I am using my 20 years of knowledge in the marketing field to pull off.

This is a huge thing for us and for the kingdom since I don’t plan to stop with the building of our team, but rather, to take this same idea into another churches. Or goal is use social media to spread the Gospel beyond our walls. We are seeing this as a new ministry in the church and one that many churches do not have.

Coming Together

There is a great sense of peace when things begin to come together that have been in the works for months. I am finding myself greatly encouraged by the work my church is doing and the people who are involved there. And I’m finding that in light of the fact that work has been scarce. Thankfully, I am finally finding the peace my wife has been telling me I would if I were doing what God wanted for my life.

It’s funny how no matter what I’m going through, my wife knows the answer and knows me better than even I do. She asked me a few weeks ago if I thought I was doing what God has called me to do and I wasn’t sure. Since then, I know the answer and it is absolutely yes. I know that I feel a peace about what I’m doing more than I ever have.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11

This verse is often taken out of context. It is not referring to our own personal gain or success. This is speaking to the truth that if we follow the plan God has in place for us, we will prosper in His name. Remember that the way we prosper may not be what we think for God is removed from money, fame and things of that nature. The plans he speaks to here are kingdom related.

Time Will Tell

As with all things, time will tell. It will tell if our online giving work out the way we project. It will tell if the digital ministry is spreading the Gospel the way we pray it will. And it will tell if the path I’m going down for work is the right one.

But regardless of what happens, I know the peace of God is with me. If you are going through a tough time, look to prayer for help. We should look there all the time but as scripture says, when we are at our weakest, God is at his strongest. Don’t lose heart on doing work for the Lord, for He alone will sustain us.


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