Guest Posting for Andrew Zahn

If you’re visiting from Andrew’s blog, thanks SO MUCH for checking mine out. I’m honored, really. You can find my posts below where I talk about social media, passion, design, business, lots of things. You can also read more about me and follow me on twitter.

If you’re not from there, THANK YOU for visiting as well. The links above apply to you as well of course.

The Guest Post

I’m super stoked to be guest posting for Andrew Zahn of He’s also got a site where him and his wife offer some hilarity on random things so be sure to check out I wish I was that cool.

You’ll have to head on over there to read the full post but the gist is this.

There’s a core to the creative process that we’ve somehow managed to forget. I’m not sure how we manage to skip over the basics…but alas, we have. Well, I sometimes do and I would bet money that many of us do more often than we think. So without further ado, read the full post here and be sure to comment and share!

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