For email marketing, open rate is all that matters.

And you have clearly spoken to me that I’ve been posting way too much. I’m sorry about that and sorry it took me so long to recognize it.

It stops here.

I will be testing as I have in the past and hopefully you’ll stick around for the content to come. It will be the same type of content, but it will be less frequent. We’re going to shoot for 2-3 posts per week and see how everyone likes that. If you have any suggestions, feel free to offer them up.

So here’s your take away that you’ll need for your own business.

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But you won’t know what your audience wants until you test it. Sometimes, you’ll fail the test (like I did here). Sometimes you’ll win. But just know that the audience that has given you permission to talk to them has done so with stipulations. It’s not a free for all permission where you get to do whatever you want. So play carefully with one of the most valuable things in our world today…attention.

2 thoughts on “For email marketing, open rate is all that matters.”

  1. That’s a bummer. I’m one of those that have enjoyed hearing what you’ve had to say frequently. But the majority has spoken. I’ll continue to look forward to what you have to say even if it’s in a reduced amount.

    1. Thanks Joe. I appreciate that. Working through some things that are tough right now and some decisions that I’m really not sure if they will hurt or help. We’ll see! Thanks for your attention, know that it’s truly valued!

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