Education vs. Learning (Two sides, same coin.)

Education is a major part of my life as well as our culture. I’m adamant about being educated. What I’m not adamant about is the way we are doing it do our culture.

Education and learning are used interchangeably but they are really two very different things. Two sides of the same coin, and you are the coin.

On one side, education is important because it helps us to move forward in the world. It helps us to grow and become the person we were created to be. But it can also be used against us. And, unfortunately, the system we live in has done just that. It’s used education to strip away dreams from us and form us into compliant worker bees for the needs of larger corporations. (Which was the purpose of the school system when it was formed. It worked excellent, maybe too well.)

On the other side, learning is essential to life. We cannot grow if we don’t learn and we must love to learn new things in order to, again, become that person we were created to be. But it’s also been used against us. It’s been forced down our throats to learn things we will never use again just because the system says we need to learn it. But for what reason, I ask?

What the system doesn’t realize is that you can’t force education or learning on someone. They will grow only enough to hate both.

I’m all for education and learning. I’m completely against the how the system works now though. In the past, it was necessary. It provided workers for the industrial age. People that took direction, did what they were told and lined up at the door until the manager called out a new instruction.

The world doesn’t work that way anymore. We will always have people willing to be the drone, to put in the hours, to do the grunt work because they don’t care to change their circumstances. (Or maybe they enjoy it) Whatever the cause, they certainly don’t want to make a ruckus.

This call for reform isn’t for them. But it very well could be for you.

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