Aim to Disappoint Everyone

It’s disappointing when people don’t live up to your expectations. But who’s to say that your expectations are something they need to live up to anyway?

What if we quit caring about what other people thought so much?

As I read the blog of Seth Godin and some of his ideas, I can’t help but wonder how weird people thought he was several years ago when he first started out. Did they shun him for thinking he could change everything?

I’d venture to say yes.

What He’s Changed

Traditional publishing.

Traditional marketing.

Industrial age thinking.

Just to name a few. There’s more, just look around at where his impact is.

But this isn’t a post about Seth, though he’s definitely worthy of it. This is a post about being who you’re called to be. Are you meant to change things? Or, are you meant to conform?

I wrote about anticonformity awhile back but I want to mention it again.

The people that have had the most impact in my life, and likely yours too, are the ones that didn’t conform. They pushed boundaries, seemed weird and awesome stuff happened.

So I Ask Myself

Am I weird? Am I strange enough to change the world? To create a movement, to make an impact?

I certainly hope so. And I hope you are too. I hope you get shunned for your ideas and people tell you you’re crazy. I hope that you won’t conform to the way things are just because “they’ve always been that way.”

There is a quote that I’ll leave you with. It should help you to understand the reason we just have to start.

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

– Margaret Mead

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