5 Lessons You Can Learn From Guest Posting on a Huge Blog

As you may have read a couple days ago, I have the absolute honor having a guest post come out on Problogger.net this Friday.

It’s huge for me not only exposure wise, but learning wise.

And there’s a few lessons you can take away from this that will help you immensely.

Below is an excerpt from the “My Story” section of the exclusive eBook that is getting released with the post. If you haven’t read the post about that, please do. It’s an awesome opportunity to get some great information on how to grow your audience and truly connect with some awesome people.

Here’s a piece of what you’ll find in the book:

So 3 months ago I decided to start blogging to build a platform and I had ONE goal. Just one major goal…with several feeder goals built in of course.

That goal was to get a guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog. You see, he has over 300,000 visitors per month and I wanted to share my thoughts with those readers.

So, 3 weeks into it, I submitted a guest post…and it was accepted.

The post will run December 1st.

And while that alone was incredible for me, it made me realize something. Actually, a few things.

  1. I realized I actually can write something that matters. After all, he is very selective and I got in on my first shot.
  2. Big blogs really don’t care how small you are, they just want great content. It’s important to connect with them and maybe you’ll get asked back.
  3. Taking a risk sometimes pays off. What’s the worst that could happen anyway? He could say “no”? If that’s the worst thing that happens, I’m pretty set.
  4. There’s no need to be scared of the big blogs. They are just people too and they want to connect with other genuine people.
  5. God confirmed a step in the path for me.

What I want you to get from this is that it’s possible to get on big blogs without much experience or a huge follower base. It’s true that some don’t allow you to post unless you have a certain pagerank or level of traffic, but those are few and far between.

This is just a tiny part of my story. I invite you to get involved with this project as it comes to fruition next Friday. Be sure to grab the eBook and share the post with your friends.

That’s what this is all about, connecting, sharing and growing.

What big achievements have you made? Are you goal setter? Share with us below!

11 thoughts on “5 Lessons You Can Learn From Guest Posting on a Huge Blog”

  1. You wouldn’t believe it Jared but I have been a blogger for one and half years (a serious one for about one year) but i just started guest posting around two months ago. I delayed building/growing my platform because i was on a free blogger platform until June this year. Now Ive got a couple of things planned, including releasing an ebook and publishing a book.
    You have a great story! To greatness! (in Christ :))

    1. Guest posting is awesome. I love being able to share my ideas with more than just the few readers my site gets. Glad to see you’re moving forward with things, sounds like we are in about the same step! Keep striving, you’re doing awesome!

  2. That’s really awesome! Can’t wait to read it.
    I did try a few large blogs but wasn’t picked. I do have a goal of guest posting on Michael Hyatts blog but right now I don’t have any idea what to post on so I’m just praying and waiting.

    I have had the honor of guest posting on various other blogs- it has boosted my confidence, taught me a great deal, introduced me to others and been a real privilege.

    1. I definitely think that it makes us better writers. We don’t really have anyone to keep us in check when we post on our own, but writing for a huge blog means we have a up our skills a bit 😀

      Don’t get discouraged…you’ll get there when the time is right!

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