Don’t Attribute Success to Your 3rd Nipple

It’s been said that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. And I believe that to some degree. I, myself, am loaded with passion and have a desire to succeed in life, business and my many endeavors. But sometimes we lose focus and we forget where the talents, desire, passion and motivation come from.

It’s important that we regain focus and remember the true source of our power to succeed. 

I’m an avid watcher of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and therefore, know pretty much every phrase in every episode. You start to memorize after you’ve seen them 20 times each. But there’s a quote that I’d like to put right here, then I’ll explain the context.

The source of all my power…what have I done? – Chandler Bing

If you don’t know the show, Chandler is the jokester. Like, every line he says. It’s quite ridiculous actually. This quote comes after the removal of his 3rd nipple. Someone then says something that opens up the opportunity for a joke and he doesn’t take it. It’s then that he attributes his ability to joke to his recently removed “nubbin’.”

You might be wondering how in the world that relates to what we’re talking about. Or at least I hope you are after that weird metaphor.

We do this in our lives constantly. We think because we’ve wrote guest posts or made sales calls or trained hard for that marathon that the success we get from it is our own. The problem is that the core of those desires is something much larger than ourselves. We can’t fathom the depth and detail of the passions and desires we have so we try to attribute them to something that is fleeting.

We all have a 3rd nipple; it just portrays itself in many different forms. – You Gotta Tweet That!

Let us never forget that our success needs to be attributed to the Lord. He is the one that gives us those desires and passions. Yes, we are the tools and it is our own mind to some degree that fulfills the plan. Just don’t forget where that plan comes from.

What have you attributed to yourself lately that you’ve been humbled about? Or do you need to be humbled about something in particular?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Attribute Success to Your 3rd Nipple”

      1. I find this to be true with my writing. After slaving away at a certain project, I like to pat myself on the back and believe it was all my own doing. However, I’m reminded that the first draft was pretty bad and that it took someone else’s eyes to recognize the holes. Yay for collaboration. 🙂

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