The future of education and how we can begin to change it

I don’t know where this world will take me in the coming months or years. I don’t know what stands around the next corner that will be in my way for making something that matters. I don’t know all the tactics, money, influence, time or resources that will be required. I don’t know pretty much anything that lies on the road ahead.

But I do know I’m going.

I’m going forward with an idea that I’ve been toying around with for awhile. One that will connect the homeschool and alternative education communities. One that will change the way this community works as a whole. One that will challenge the way we think about education in today’s society. Even if it only changes it for a tiny portion of people in this world, I’m going forward with it, because it matters.

But know that it doesn’t just matter to me. I’m not in this for me. I’m in this for the future of all our children. For the future of our education system, our political arenas, our jobs, our society as a whole. Maybe you say that this little project can’t make that much impact. Or that since it’s related to homeschool it won’t affect those other areas. Maybe you’re right. But maybe, you’re wrong.

I see a future where we don’t have the majority of our culture taking direction and waiting for instruction. I see a future where our education system helps foster dreams and goals instead of crushing them. One that celebrates when someone stands up and says, “I have a new way we can do this.”

In that future I see a slew of people that understand jobs must be created through means of personal creativity instead of handed down from “the man.” Where we take ownership in our jobs and make something that matters, even if it doesn’t pay a lot. I see a culture of people that do work they take pride in and do it for the simple fact that it will make a difference to someone at some point.

And yes, I see all this stemming from a small, but major change in how our children are educated. I’m not saying that homeschooling is the answer. I’m not saying it’s the only way or the best way. I believe each family needs to choose for themselves which route of education works best for them, and do it with all the passion they have available in them.

But I do also believe that choosing alternative education is a great way to pave a new path for our school system that so many know is broken. I salute the teachers in the arena that make a difference everyday. I salute the administration that works hard to be a safe haven for kids who have a terrible home life. I commend each and every person involved in the education of our society from elementary to private to college and beyond. I commend you because you are wanting to make a change and you are working in a system that works against you from it’s very core. You should be saluted for doing the hard work that matters.

With that said, I am committing to this new project. I hope you’ll stand with me if it matters to you. I hope you’ll help spread the word and be a part of this community that you belong to. I hope you’ll continue to push for change and help other families while doing the hard work that matters to yours.

But most of all, I hope you find this as a place of belonging. A place you can make a difference. A place you can matter. A place you’d be missed, if you were gone.

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