Quitters, Linchpins and Swamp Family Members

The making of a word will come with some funny looks. It will come with some that think something better could have been created or that it never should have been mentioned at all. That’s exactly what we want when we’re dealing with art that matters though.

Art that matters isn’t for everyone. It’s not for the masses or even for the many. It’s for the few that want to be part of a small army and take a new word into their vocabulary. Here’s a few you may or may not know that have tribes:

You probably know of more that I don’t. The small tribe you’re a part of most likely also has some lingo specific to “your people.” That’s what niches are all about these days and that’s who you market to, not the masses.

Not too long ago, I introduced you to my newest project. It’s called HomeschoolGoods and it will be a community of authors and buyers that want to cause a ruckus in the education industry. We want to change the way homeschool, unschool or any other alternative education works in terms of resources by giving a platform to creators to share their resources. In turn, we hope to cause change in the education industry as a whole and introduce a new level of quality to the marketplace. It’s gonna be a big job.

So today I introduce you to a new word that I believe describes most every parent that wants to educate their child, regardless of what facility (home, outdoors, school rooms, etc) they are learning in. Today you become an educator and an artist. You teach and you make a ruckus. You lead by example and you show how to dream. You allow for growth and you harness individual talents.

Today, you are an Educartist.

If you feel so inclined, join the community for free.

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