Your Message is Nothing New

It’s true that you are unique.

That is an absolute fact that there is no one on this planet or in history that is exactly like you.

We all know that and I would never rob God of his creativity.

But, someone has said what you’re trying to say.

You just package it differently.

What I Mean

We’ve been told we are “one in a million.” That’s great. Super happy to hear that and I believe it!

In fact, I believe there has absolutely never been another person in history that is exactly like you. Wouldn’t you agree?

But somewhere, at some point, someone has said what you’re trying to say. They’ve beaten you to it either because they were born first or they took action first.

But don’t get discouraged. No one says exactly what you say exactly like you say it.

That’s good news for all of us.

The Domino Project

Many of us know who Seth Godin is. He’s awesome. In fact, I think he’s one of the ones that says what I want to say, he just got to it first.

But, there is one thing that I want to expand on from him and that is his newly formed Domino Project.

He recently said “We can probably all agree that more than half of the culturally important cookbooks printed on paper have already been printed. ” (full post here)

Which is fine and while I agree, I think there is more to that. You see, I believe that even though most of the core books have been published, articles written, podcasts casted, speeches spoken…there is still room for you.

If, over the past few thousand years, there are still people telling stories and still people writing things, there is still room for new ways of saying what needs to be said.

You see, I believe that God created each of us different and special in our own way. There is none like you. None like Seth. None like me.

And even if what I have to say and what you have to say is the same message, we will say it differently and others will hear it differently.

No two people can say something in exactly the same way.

We can take the examples of actors. They do castings for a reason. One actor may do something in a particular way that “just works.” While another, equally awesome actor, doesn’t quite fit the part.

Don’t Get Discouraged

This is simply a message for you to not get discouraged. I know from experience that I’ve felt like my words are the same message as Seth’s or Simon’s or Dan’s. But they simply are not.

No one can say what you are called to say in exactly the way you are called to say it.

Has this ever discouraged you from doing something? What are you not doing or saying that you need to?

8 thoughts on “Your Message is Nothing New”

  1. Gaye @ CalmHealthySexy

    Yes, I do find this discouraging at times. The things I want to say are NOT new, so I sometimes wonder why I am bothering to say them!

  2. Jared, I do sometime get discouraged. I have something to say,but many times it’s the same message many other have to say. I guess there truly is nothing new under the sun. But I still have to say it.

  3. I get discouraged once in awhile. Especially when I write a killer blog post and have it queued up only to see something very similar published a day or two before mine goes live. Always feels like a bummer. But then I look on the bright side: At least I’m thinking along the lines of other great people.

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