What I’ve come to understand about connection

What I’ve come to understand about connection is that it’s actually quite simple. It doesn’t require an insane amount of strategy or expertise. It doesn’t require an inordinate amount of time.

As a matter of fact, it requires nothing more than a passion to fill a need in someone’s life. That requires action, of course, but it’s still quite simple at it’s core.

As a culture, we’re headed in a direction that’s really back to the basics. With all the technology we have floating around these days, people are starving to get more simplistic, ironically. But it makes sense.

An awesome marketer, Brian Solis, has a book called WTF? (What’s the Future of Business?): Changing the way businesses create experiences. I haven’t read it yet but heard him talk about it with John Jantsch on The Duct Tape Marketing podcast.

Brian talks about the shift in business as we know it. How people want to connect with brands more than ever. How important it is that brands deliver an experience that customer wants to be a part of and share.

And it validated for me what I’m doing with connection branding. It showed me that I’m not crazy and those of you that are on board with it are on a train somewhere cool. Really cool.

The future of business is about people. It’s about bringing them into our brands like we’ve never had the opportunity to do before. It’s about providing incredible value to someone’s life. Changing their worldview. Helping them find their purpose. Follow God’s will. And many other things.

Whatever your goal is with your life and business, it’s got to be people-centric. I trust that makes sense and gives you hope for where you’re at in your struggles. Believe me, I’m right there with you. Figuring things out isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. I’m glad to have you along for the ride and hope to continue to be small part of your success in this life.

The future of business is really about connection. As a matter of fact, life is.

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve come to understand about connection”

  1. Jared – I totally agree. Connection is at the base of everything in life. Well, for me, anyway! And isn’t that what we’re all trying to do with all this social media malarkey, anyway?

    As for businesses, I’m no expert, but it is still about fulfilling a need with the end customer. If a business can add a relationship/social connection into the mix, it makes them stand out for sure.

    – Razwana

    1. Thanks for the comment Razwana! Social media is just a tool. It’s one that gives us an opportunity to take our connections globally instead of just in our immediate sphere of influence.

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