This might be useful to some. What do you think?

What if there was a local place you could go to get basic training on how to maintain a website or learn web code? What if it was taught by a seasoned professional with over 15 years experience?

No curriculum. No specific timelines for learning. Just a free-form place you could go when you wanted and get the help you need.

I wonder what results that would yield? I wonder if it would be useful. If it would help break the mold a little on what it means to learn web design.

And on that note, I wonder how impactful it could be to those entering the workforce or going to college for that web design degree that is 100% not needed. The web design schools out there can’t keep up with the changes in the industry. They also have to blanket teach a subject that should be creative, individual in nature and based off of research that changes almost daily. It’s impossible for them to be relevant.

One last thing. Would this help redefine what it means to be a web designer, if only for a very small portion of the industry? Could it help us get rid of “best practices” that are really just crappy trends that people think work but really don’t?

So many questions. So many possibilities. What do you think? Would this be useful to you or someone you know? Answer in the comments.

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