This is what happens when you try to tell your plumber what tools to use.

When you build a house do you stand around and tell the plumber, electrician and framer what tools to use and where everything goes? Definitely not structure or functional wise. And you’d definitely get some push back if you told them which pipe to put where or which type of wood would work best for an interior wall.

The creative industry is not at the mercy of the client. It’s not to be a puppet and told where to put this or that so it pleases you the most.

The creative industry is meant to create. To build. To design. It’s meant to make things work the best they can and have the most impact possible. And it’s professionals are not drones.

Consider the art of the creative and allow them to do the job you pay them for. By controlling the process, you affect the outcome in a way that is likely more negative than would be if you let the professional drive the project. You have no idea what or why you’re doing. Give in and give your project the possibility of success.

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