The LEGO movie thoughts that you knew were coming

This was an inevitable post.

I saw the LEGO movie the other day with my awesome family and I had some thoughts I wanted to share. I’ll try to not spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it, but if you’re scared of that, just stop reading to be safe.

  • If I had the opportunity to pick my own voice, it would be Morgan Freeman.
  • The term, “master builder” is now in my vocabulary.
  • I have a little teeny-tiny bit of respect for Will Ferrell (never thought I’d say that).
  • This confirmed my disdain for instructions and the fact that LEGOs almost all come in complete sets that you really can’t do much else with besides build what is in the manual.
  • I’m a little skeptical of using the word “awesome” ever again. (but the song is freakishly catchy.)
  • I’ll always call it Kragle.
  • I want to play with LEGOs right now.
  • I will spend more time with my son on building stuff.
  • It encapsulated our culture incredibly well (and made me a little scared.)
  • I like good cop’s new face.
  • I now have a disdain for Rosa’s Cafe weekly special.
  • Batman should always be Will Arnett. In every movie.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ll never follow instructions again. Which could lead to some issues I’m aware of. But at least it will be more fun. And my brain won’t be completely void.
  • 80’s space guys are cool.
  • New technology understands some really strange commands. Like Siri. Maybe I should talk to her in pirate voice most of the time.

This was mostly a pointless post, but there may be some good humor in there or something you can take from it to use in your life. Just know that not “everything is awesome.” But most things can be.

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