The Connection Brand – Book Bonuses Available NOW!

Today is the first official day the book bonuses for The Connection Brand are available. That means if you purchase the book before May 31, you’ll get access to the AWESOME bonuses I’ve got in store for you!


What’s this book about?

In a nutshell, The Connection Brand is a short, but powerful, book on how to turn your clients into your most dedicated salespeople. I have found several brands ranging from Apple to Dave Ramsey to Jeff Goins and small bloggers that have built incredible followings to the point where they really don’t have to do much marketing but rather, we market for them.

In the book I discuss 3 Super Powers you can use to help achieve incredible results over time with your target audience. They are relationships, stance and psychology. By focusing on one of these powers, you will be able to have your clients talking about you to their friends and put word of mouth on steroids.

Connection brands are the future. They are here now, but we will see many more form over the coming years due to the rise of communication and social media. The key to becoming one is to act now! 

Super Bonuses Until May 31!

Head on over to the bonus page and check out what you’ll get if you purchase this now!

Thanks for your support in spreading this message, but more importantly, in spreading your message. That’s what this book is designed to do…help you go deeper with your clients and get more exposure for your brand.

Want to help spread the word?

I’ve setup a book launch resource page. Go grab what you need there and plaster it all over. 😀 Thanks!


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