That thing you can’t not do.

What constitutes art? What is it that defines what art actually is?

I remember growing up in school and going to art class. It was the place where they talked about creative freedom and creating what you wanted to. But the problem was that it was inside of an industrialist culture that had boundaries and processes. They gave us projects where we had to copy what was placed before us. We had to draw with a particular technique or you got a prize for coloring inside the lines better than all the other kids. How I wish I could go back and do the total opposite of what the rules were.

We learned what art was from a culture that didn’t know what it was to begin with. Art was put into a box and given processes and confines just like everything else. And now most of us can’t see that it can be so much more than a drawing or picture.

Your art is what you do. For me, I’ve finally come to the realization that my art is being an entrepreneur. Will I always be a web designer? Probably not. A writer? Maybe. Will I always want to push the boundaries of what I do? Absolutely.

And so the commitment continues. The commitment to doing work that matters if even only to me. The commitment to searching out my perfect audience and my perfect worldview of which I am to share what I learn with. But most of all, my commitment to doing that one thing I can’t not do each and every day.


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