Thankful for the mindless work.

Last week I wrote a lot about doing the hard work. And we should. But I also have to realize that often, we have to do the crappy work too. Or easy. Or mindless. Whatever you want to call it.

The hard work is few and far between for me right now while I’m trying to make ends meet. I’m striving for more, yes and striving to do the hard work for sure, but something has to pay the bills. What I have failed to recognize in the past is the value that comes from doing the mindless work.

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You see I’ve spent several years learning how to do what I do. I’m sure you have to. Maybe countless hours in school or with a trainer/mentor/etc. It takes time to get good at what we now call the easy work. Because, like I said, it was once the hard stuff we could barely think of accomplishing.

Now the real trick is to push through the mindless stuff and get onto the hard. I just have to keep reminding myself how very thankful I am that the easy stuff has come my way for so many years and taught me what I needed to be able to tackle the hard work.

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