The World is Missing Your Talent

Could it be that your inaction is cheating you out of something great? Are you sitting on an idea that the world is waiting for? I recently wrote a post about cheating and then I got a little more inspiration from Jeff Goins on what the world is missing from people who don’t use their talent.

While this will be my first video blog (vlog, if you will), it’s not my first time thinking about this subject. I honestly just thought it might be a bit of an easier way to convey the importance of acting on an idea you have. So I’ll save some for the video, but here’s a few points I’ll be discussing.

  1. You have a great talent – as a matter of fact, we all do. God has given us something great and he expects us to use it for His glory. That’s really not an option either. We all have things we’re passionate about, things we need to act on. We better get about the business of doing it, right now.
  2. The world is missing you – even if you don’t personally think you have anything to offer, you’re wrong. I just said that God has provided you with an incredible talent, now go use it so the world gets to see it. You know things about a particular subject or industry that other people are just craving to hear. What is the world missing out on by you not acting?
  3. You’re cheating yourself out of something great – and this just really ties the previous two together. You have a great talent AND the world needs it. So that effectively means that you’re only cheating yourself and others by not acting on it. What can you do today to get going on it?

So there you go. Three important points that will hopefully get you to take some action on your talent. Or at the very least, get you to think about it.


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