Some would never do that. Others wouldn’t have it any other way.

Doing something different is strange. It always has been. There is no way you can do something different from most other people and someone not think you’re crazy.

However, it’s what we do with that crazy look that matters. If we believe it, we succumb to the crudeness of the world. The one that says “If you’re not doing it like this, you don’t belong here.”

More and more these days, this is exactly what happens though. People look for places to belong. Places to be different and find others that were kicked out because they were different too. People like us do things like this. Or don’t do things like that.

Uber is a good example. And I recently heard about FlightCar. And of course you know about AirBnB. They all say this same thing to those people that are different. Some people would never in their lives loan out their car or their house to a stranger. While, for some, it’s the only way that makes sense.

Being different has always been in style. It’s the only thing that’s ever caused much needed change. Once again, it’s marketing that causes us to believe it’s bad.

[I’m not saying it’s bad marketing or that marketing is bad. Neither. It’s actually pretty incredible marketing if can make us think it’s our own belief. The source is what would cause us to think something is bad or not.]

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