Selecting the Twig

Take your time, Make the right choice. Look at all that’s available. Test it’s strength. Check it’s length.

That’s what she did at least 50 times. She wanted it to be perfect, needed it to be perfect.

Back and forth, back and forth.

How often do we make rash decisions or “just get it done?” Taking our time would mean “doing it right.”

How often do we rush through life?

Think about the implications of the decisions you make. Think how it will affect the long term and who it will affect. We need to come together and do things that really matter, not just work for a quick buck. Help enough other people get what they want and eventually you’ll get everything you want. Make everything you do count.

Follow the example of the dove.

When was the last time you took your time, stayed with something that was difficult or time consuming, and the results paid off big time?

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