Entrepreneurial Sacrifice

People define sacrifice according to what they believe is so. Which means that it can have very different meanings. Sacrifice for some would be doing something they can’t stand because it’s what needs to happen for a season. This is noble and not at all a bad definition (or action.)

Sacrifice can be more than an action though. It can be a commitment and thought process. The entrepreneur in particular, struggles with a level of sacrifice of self that few can understand. The sheer weight of knowing what needs to be done on a daily basis is enough to cause most to abandon the idea all together. The total eclipse of the thought process for the remainder of their life is more than most can bear.

And yet, few can understand the internal workings of the entrepreneur. Few can fathom the depths of the pressure to get done what they have been called to do. It’s often more about the internal thought process that someone must surrender to in order to feel as if they are accomplishing what they have been created to do.

Sacrifice is all around us. It’s in every human in some form or fashion. We need not judge the one we think isn’t making the type of sacrifice we believe should be happening. We should, rather, consider how we might be of service to helping them on their journey.

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