Result Driven Thinking and Society

For quite some time now I’ve felt like a bit of an outcast when it came to my thoughts on where we are as a culture. I’ve had some reservations really telling my true feelings as I haven’t figured out a good way to put them into clear words. But, in light of my recent findings of Seth Godin, I’m no longer afraid to step out and say what I think.

We are now a result driven society.

From Where I Stand

I’m no expert on marketing or education in particular, but I do understand design rather well which correlates with the human psyche and communication. In fact, design is all about understanding communication and what the user is going to think or do. No, I’m not a mind reader, my wife can vouch for that whole heartedly. However, everything I design does communicate in ways other than words.

So my point of view is this: The culture is changing from a “do this…like this” society to an “achieve this…somehow” society. So on a basic level, we’re no longer paid for what we do, but rather for the results. We are in a knowledge based society now where I will find someone cheaper than you so you better show me results that that can’t be replicated.

Let’s break it down a bit more.

The Industrial Revolution Society – “Do this…like this”

For past 80 years or so, we as a culture have had a society of producers that built an incredible empire and has remained at the top of the world since the beginning of our founding. A few things we do:

  • We produce
  • We lead
  • We create
  • We build
  • We sell
  • We buy
  • We work
  • We educate
  • We win

Just to name a few of course. We’re an incredible society that has traditionally done one overall thing very well. Produce. And all of our systems are setup to help us do just that. Most don’t require us to think. I mean really think. They’re all setup to show us how to do something…to guide us within set boundaries…and ultimately, stifle our passions and creativity.

But what if producing is a “race to the bottom” as Godin says?

Then that means that we need to think more.
We need to dream more.
We need to grow more.
We need to challenge more.

The “____________   ____________” Society – “Achieve this…somehow”

I have no idea what age of time we’re going into. I was thinking the “social revolution“, but after searching around, that term is pretty much taken by socialist. But regardless of what it’s called, we’re moving into something different. We’re moving into something that will force us to think, create, innovate and use our passions.

That will require change. Yes, I know it’s Obama’s 1st presidential campaign slogan, but that’s not what I’m aligning with by any means. I am saying that there is a change coming. There will be much required of us as a society moving forward. Our education system. Our parenting techniques. Our financial habits. Our core values and morals. They all need change…and we’re not ready for that.

This is big.

For me, personally, that change is a reset back to God’s way of doing things. I’ve been convicted the past couple of days of having my priorities out of whack. Actually, it’s been longer than that but I’ve just finally accepted it. So a change is coming whether I like or not so I might as well get myself in gear.

Gone are the days of things being handed to us like insurance, 30+ years at a job with retirement and low gas prices. Gone are the days our grandparents speak of when times were “simpler.” We’re in a new age. An age of communication, of thinking, of innovation, of change.

It’s time to think…and create amazing results.

What’s the number 1 thing you think you could change about yourself, life, business or whatever that would provide the biggest and most measurable results?

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