A golf swing, a website and the perfect form

The Perfect Form

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There’s much to be said about the perfect form for just about everything life. There’s research that shows that we tend to pay attention to content if it’s formatted a certain way. We tend to get more out of our swing if we’re setup and follow through properly. And we’re more likely to feel better if we formulate (and practice) healthy eating and exercise habits.

So that got me to thinking about how everything truly does have a “perfect” form.

A Day of Golf

The other day I went and played my first round of golf in years with my brother. He’s been involved with it for some time now and really enjoys it. We even went to the driving range a few weeks ago and I’m starting to get the hang of it. He give me tips on my swing and encourages me when I actually hit a decent shot.

The tips he gives are pretty precise but he also makes sure I know that I will find my groove eventually. There are some key principles to apply, but then I adjust those over time to make my own “perfect form.”

Which really got me to thinking about how there is a “perfect form” for just about everything we do. Here’s some examples:

  • Golf
  • Life
  • Website
  • Blog Post
  • Newspaper article

Obviously those are all, but they are a few I’ll touch on.

The Topics

Golf – In this game, you must have the basics of your swing down in order to get it to go straight, the right distance and hit consistently most of the time. The basics apply to everyone.

Life – There’s a plan for our life and it’s outlined in The Bible. It’s the basics of life such as morals, values, commandments, etc. They apply to everyone, but God didn’t make us drones.

Website – We have what’s called web standards. They are controlled by human psyche and technology limits. They’re pushed and backed by true professionals in the industry. They (should) apply to every site.

Blog Post – Believe it or not, there is a blog post structure, similar to this one, that actually has research behind it showing that it gets more read-throughs and interaction than other types. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other…but the basics apply yet again.

Newspaper Article – While there’s several ways to structure an article, putting boring information first doesn’t typically work. News articles use awesome, compelling headlines and copy that will pull the reader in with just a few lines. You may not read it all the way through, but the content at the end is typically just filler content anyway.

The Takeaway

There is a perfect form for everything; it begins with the basics and the details refine it to fit you. – Click to Tweet

So even though there’s basics that everyone uses to achieve the same thing, the details allow us to fit it to our needs and desires. This is why no two lives are exactly the same. No two golf swings are exactly the same. No two websites (should be) exactly the same.

Don’t let the details bog you down when you’re learning and growing. Find out the basics, then adapt the details around it to fit your style and create your own “perfect form.”

What has helped you to find your voice or create your perfect form in your industry or profession?

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