The vast majority of us living here in America (or similar) have our basic needs met. Basic needs and then a small warehouse full of wants. And so we have come to confuse the definition of “need” and “want” as well as “necessity” vs. “option.”

But when it comes to business, many of us are struggling to get the bills paid and steady cash coming in the door. This could be true for the moonlighter, but almost always for the entrepreneur or freelancer. The start up years are the hardest and you want to quit many times.

This project I’m embarking on is going to explore what is really necessary to success today. The term “success” is defined on as the accomplishment of one’s goals. We’ll go with that so it can be dependent on each of our personal goals.

My hope is that you’ll subscribe (on the left over there) and be involved in the process. I encourage you to reply to my emails with your thoughts or suggestions. But there are 2 things you’ll notice about this project.

  1. No comments on posts.
  2. I’d rather the information get shared.

This isn’t just my journey. It’s yours. And others. And it’s time we found out what is truly necessary in the midst of all the tools we have at our disposal today.

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