Marketing really is storytelling

Unfortunately, too many marketers are so good at telling it, that we buy into their story thinking it’s our own. (That is their plan.)

Our own story involves serving. There may be needs along the way that our culture and products can solve, but mostly, simple is the only thing that has worked for centuries.

I say we have a problem in America. We account for about 5% of the global population…but we consume about 25% of it’s resources. The industrial age taught two main things:

  • how to work (and follow directions)
  • how to buy (an excess of stuff)

What a marvelous job it has done.

[I’m not mad at marketers so you know. The good ones are brilliant game-changers. And it’s just interesting to note that we now have a generation of people that only know how to follow directions, wait to be chosen and buy a ton of crap. Hoarding not a condition we are born with, it’s one we are taught.]




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