How to Use The “ME” Complex to Your Advantage

What’s the one thing that everyone on this planet cares about more than anything?

Hint: Themselves. (okay that was the answer)

We look at ourselves first in a picture. We tweet about what we’re having for dinner. We look in every single mirror we pass.

Okay, not everyone does that…but you have to admit that MOST people do.

So I decided to write a post for Michael Nichols about this very phenomenon and how we can use it to our advantage in life and our business. It’s not manipulative by any means if done correctly. We are just giving people what they want, right?


So with that, you can read the full post over at Michael’s blog.

Btw, if you’re not signed up for free email updates or my pay-what-you-want email course…you really should. They’re awesome. All the cool people are doing it.

….maybe you don’t want to be cool though.

8 thoughts on “How to Use The “ME” Complex to Your Advantage”

      1. Michael has a cool blog, glad you posted a short post here to mention you did a guest post. I like that, great idea. Do you do that for every guest blog post you do or is this the first time you’ve done it like that?

        1. Yeah mostly every guest post. I haven’t had any since early December so it’s been awhile. More to come soon though. I love to provide new resources to people…and yes, he does have some great information!

        1. haha! For real. I’m considering some verbiage changes and tweaking the homepage a bit. We’ll see. I try to ponder on things for a week or two before I make any changes. Then I know if the ideas are still there, they’re worth my time.

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