How Satan Thinks He’s All That and A Bag of Chips

Satan is awesome.

He knows our inner workings to a point we don’t even know.

He drives us to do things we would never do on our own.

Often times, he wins the battle.

Sometimes, things just aren’t what they seem.

Take for instance, the difficult situation you’re dealing with. Because we all are. Is there a way out? Or is that way out the total wrong direction?

Clouded judgement sometimes throws us off course. It makes us think things we normally would not.

But in the midst of the storm, we have to remember the end goal. We must persevere through it and keep ourselves rooted where we know good truly is.

This end goal is what is driving us, what is pushing us along. It’s our passion on the way to our dream. Yes, there are stops along the way, but eventually, we arrive.

When we’re pushed beyond our limits

But what happens when we get pushed too far? What if we’re not ourselves?

That makes a difference, but it brings up a new situation entirely. Our judgement is once again on the clouded end of the scale.

And we make a choice. We must.

Persevere? Or turn back? Those are ultimately, the only two choices we have.

Leaning in the right direction

There is a direction we should go. It’s really the only choice. But it’s rarely the easy one.

We all know perseverance is key to success. It doesn’t matter the situation, it is the single most important key.

Some may say it’s important to recognize failure and turn back. But the fact that failure has been recognized effectively means that we’re looking for another way to persevere through.

That isn’t failure at all.

Turning back is failure. As entrepreneurs, as people, we never want to be defined as a failure. It’s not a glorious title.

So don’t.

You know the direction to lean. The direction to run.

And there is good news.

He’s really not awesome at all. We win the war.

What are you dealing with today that you need to make a choice on? Get personal if you want or just tell us you’ve made the choice to persevere. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “How Satan Thinks He’s All That and A Bag of Chips”

  1. Satan is crafty but we serve a Bigger God!!! When determining if I should stop or keep going, I try and look at the ground I have already accomplished. Be it a project, dream, or are that does not glorify God.

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