Everything we believe is marketing.

We are here to answer the question, “What is necessary?”

For business. For growing, learning, teaching, succeeding. There are a lot of scenarios that this question can be applied to. But on a base level, we have to consider why we want what we want in those situations.

Why success? Why fame? Why a bigger house? Why a nicer car?

Is it our own drive that causes us to think those things? OR (and this is the answer) Is it external factors on a daily basis throughout our lives that cause us to want these things?

[An interesting side note. The more I learn about marketing, the more I realize it’s everything we believe today. We have bought into a marketing story on every front of our lives. It’s not always a bad thing, but we do have to be aware that what we’re thinking, isn’t really what we would have thought of without the marketing involved.]

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